Happy Hypno Birthing: 4 Week Course for a Calm Birth (live & online)


August 2 - 06:00 pm


August 23 - 08:30 pm

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Hypno - ENGLISH - Weekday, workshops

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Elements of Birth / Jutta Wohlrab

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Praxis Vivre

Solmsstraße 12, 10961 Berlin

Berlin, BE, DE, 10961

Release birth fears and feel more relaxed and confident during childbirth ONLINE + LIVE in Berlin Kreuzberg

Happy Hypno Birthing is a proven step-by-step method to effectively build birth confidence and empower you for a calm, more comfortable, stress-free birth.

The bootcamp combines 4 x LIVE interactive Hypnobirthing coaching sessions and a self-learning online course that you can access immediately and do at your own pace.

If you would you like to

⭐️ let go of birth worries, doubts and fears

⭐️ improve sleep and feel deeper relaxation and ease during pregnancy

⭐️ know how to focus on yourself during contractions and labour

⭐️ reduce the need for pain intervention and prepare for a shorter labour

⭐️ actively include your partner from now until the birthing day

⭐️ practice skills that will give you calm confidence for the upcoming birth and your role as new parents

YES? This is the course for you!

Imagine if you were going to perform at the olympics – you are not just going to turn up on the day and hope for the best. You are going to practice, practice, practice day by day, week by week, each month. Preparing day by day will allow you to feel more and more empowered, you will start to expect your birth to happen with ease and joy. Plus knowing what to do and how to you can enjoy each day of your pregnancy more and more!

This course is for you to learn how to

🌟 deeply relax at any stage of your pregnancy and birth

🌟 enjoy a positive mindset about every aspect of giving birth

🌟 let go of unwanted worries, doubts and fears

🌟 form a strong partnership with your partner, body, and baby

🌟 get a clear picture of the birth you really want


✅ 4 x LIVE classes on zoom with Jutta (dates and overview below)

✅ The self-learning online course Happy Birthing Mind (value €97)

(over 2 hours of techniques in short 5-10 minute videos so you have loads of resources and support)


Each class is live on zoom, 2.5 hours on Tuesdays

WEEK 1: Let go of unwanted worries, doubts and fears ~  learn about neurobiology and how to turn unwanted worries, doubts and fears into positive expectations of birth, confidence and trust in yourself.

WEEK 2: How to anchor positive feelings and get my proven method to minimise pain during your labour of love

All about partnership! Partnership with your body, your baby, your birth and your birthing partner – how to form a strong birthing team. It’s about what babies learn inside the womb and we develop “your personal state of bliss” that you use during labour.

WEEK 4: Achieving your goal: How to paint the picture ( a well-formed goal for your birth) and mentally rehearse the birth you want to have so you feel empowered and positively motivated from now until your labour of love.

Class time in different timezones:

EST (New York): 9am – 11.30 am

PST (California): 12pm – 2.30pm

GMT (London): 5pm – 7.30pm

CEST (Berlin): 6pm -8.30pm


“Dear Jutta,

I felt very prepared as my husband and I had been practising the exercises I learned in your classes together, and we knew what to do.  I also found the birth breathing exercise very helpful throughout my pregnancy, especially during periods when I was having trouble sleeping. My husband even uses it too on himself. Thank you for your support, positive energy, and for being such an inspiration!”

– Emma, 1st pregnancy, New York


“Before attending Jutta’s Happy hypno birthing classes, I was afraid of the day of giving birth as everyone was saying that it’s very painful and exhausting. Jutta’s many years of experience and all her knowledge and kindness has calmed me down and prepared me for the day of birth. Now I am excited for the day to come and I know that it can be a nice experience. I really recommend her classes and her book. It’s all full of very practical advice and will make you calmer.

– Meta, 1st pregnancy, Spain


“I must say thanks to you, Jutta – you are the best coach, hypnotherapist, educator I could have ever asked for. You are exactly what every mother-to-be needs!! I without a doubt would recommend Jutta to every mother to be. Thank you, Jutta, for being so amazing! “

– Kira, 1st pregnancy, UK


My husband was very skeptical at first when I said that we would go to the birth preparation course together – when we had completed the two days, he was very grateful for this experience and took a lot with him (I, of course, as a pregnant woman, too). The tips/information were understandable, many things were better explained using examples, so that you could better imagine certain things. You could feel Jutta’s decades of experience. I also took part in HypnoBirthing, which was very good for me. I will definitely recommend Jutta to all my sisters!”

– Stefanie, 1st pregnancy Berlin


Join me Online Live on Zoom or in Berlin Kreuzberg at:

Praxis Vivre,

Solmsstraße 12,

10961 Berlin

Cancellation conditions: 

Please understand that we will have to charge the full amount of for cancellation (€447).