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March 5 - 20:30

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Elements of Birth / Jutta Wohlrab


Praxis Vivre

Solmsstraße 12, 10961 Berlin

Berlin, BE, DE, 10961

Release birth fears and feel more relaxed and confident during childbirth ONLINE

Please note course dates: 4 weeks from 13/20/27 February and 5th of March

Hi! I’m Jutta, International Midwife for 40 years and Hypnotherapist for 15 years. I have welcomed over 3,000 babies & consulted over 10,000 women from all over the world. Alongside my professional midwife career, I have been a Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer for 15 years. Let me assure you: you are in safe, expert hands.

Overview of Topics:

#1 Goodbye fears, hello empowerment! Get ready to understand yourself and know what to do when fears and anxiety arise. You’ll learn how to trust yourself. I can show you that your fears are your vehicle for confidence.

#2 Method to Minimise Pain, Maximise Comfort. I will share my tried and proven method a combination of deep relaxation, visualisation, affirmations and special breathing techniques to achieve a confident, calm and comfortable childbirth.

#3 The Bliss Blueprint. Form a strong, blissful partnership with your body, your baby and even, your partner.

#4 Bringing it all together: With the skills to release stress, reframe fear and feel deeply connected to your body and baby – not only will you feel empowered and ready (just like Wonder Woman), now you can focus on enjoying every day of your pregnancy, more and more!

This course package also includes my program “Happy Birthing Mind”

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Each class includes practical and proven techniques,

✅ a breathing technique

✅ a relaxation quickie

✅ a guided visualisations

✅ a self hypnosis

✅ practice LIVE with Jutta

✅ get any questions/concerned answered by Jutta

✅ recording available if you miss the class

Happy Hypnobirthing 4 Weeks:

Tuesday:13/20/27 February and 5th of March

Time in different timezones:

EST (New York): 9am – 11.30 am // PST (California): 12pm – 2.30pm

GMT (London): 5pm – 7.30pm CEST // (Berlin): 6pm -8.30pm

Course Testimonials:

“I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for us in hypno birth, yoga classes and private sessions. They all helped me to manage the pain and anxiety during pregnancy. With your help, my view towards giving birth changed dramatically. The fear and anxiety, turned itself to joy of expectation and harmony in heart and mind.

I learnt how to do not have a fixed mindset about the birth, and adopt to whatever this beautiful journey brings to me. First I was afraid of natural birth, then I found it miraculous with your help, and at the end when the C-section was planned, I managed to deal with this change well.

I didn’t expect the C- section to be that beautiful. All those lights that I expected to annoy me, brought me joy, like a sunshine in the early morning in the mountains, all those hectic acts of doctors and nurses, became like angles moving and singing, and all my fears and anxieties were sucked out of the book of my mind, with the simple practice that you thought us.

The anchor worked well for Chris and I. I didn’t need to do anything extra in operation room. My mind was by itself in the heavens. I can still talk and talk about that marvellous experience, but I won’t take your time. I am looking forward to see you again in your postnatal classes.”

– Fatemeh, 1st pregnancy

“I must say thanks to you, Jutta – you are the best coach, hypnotherapist, educator I could have ever asked for. You are exactly what every mother-to-be needs!! I without a doubt would recommend Jutta to every mother to be. Thank you, Jutta, for being so amazing! “

– Kira, 1st pregnancy

“Dearest Jutta, I wanted to thank you once again for a wonderful Hypnobirthing course. After my first birth which was not a pleasant experience, I managed to have the most wonderful, pain free birth instead. It was an event that changed me completely has a person.”

– Hannah 2nd pregnancy

What you will learn:

✅ You will learn to approach the birth positively, strengthened and with a feeling of security.

✅ Deal effectively with birth pain and reduce it to the minimum.

✅ Learn to release your happiness hormones in a targeted manner and to immerse yourself in deep relaxation.

✅ Focus on your goal and connect with your baby

✅ Strengthen your self-confidence and intuitively make the right decisions during childbirth to give your baby an easy start in life

A little bit more about my expertise:

Early in my Midwife career I began observing why some women had a happier, painless birth and some had an incredibly painful and even, complicated birth.

I found that Childbirth Education was not offering an integrated approach to using their mind, body and hormones to their birthing advantage.

Another vital aspect of my work is involving birthing partners to create positive birth prep habits together. And then, I brought in the “secret sauce” of the birthing world – hypnobirthing. 20 years ago, I began studying, practicing and then studying to become a Trainer of Hypnobirthing and Neuro-Linguistic Programming – combining hypnosis and breathing and visualisations is the key component to reducing pain, releasing fears and feeling a calm, confidence about giving birth.

I am an international speaker on topics of “Positive Birth Psychology” and “Out of Trauma into Happiness.

Let’s give you everything you need to look back at your birth with Joy!


4 week live on Zoom

Ticket: €599 (your partner is free)

For returning clients: €550 (your partner is free)

Cancellation conditions:

Please understand that we will have to charge the full amount of for cancellation (€599)

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