Vision Board Your Ideal Birth & Motherhood


Elements of Birth / Jutta Wohlrab

See it. Believe it. Live it! Join Midwife Jutta for an empowering & joyful workshop to bring your visions for your birth & family to life!

Beginning with guided meditation, reflection, and journaling designed to open up the mind, participants will enjoy an insightful and empowering session to visualize and bring their wishes into creative form.

🔥 Create your “ideal birth” – now is the time for you to decide how you want to feel before, during and after giving birth

🔥 Create your “ideal motherhood” – now is the time for you to envision how you want to feel and how you life to be during motherhood – if you are already a mother, perhaps you want to envision a new way of living for you and your family

🔥 When you have a well-form goal with associated images and feelings, it is easy to release doubts, fears and worries

🔥 Lower your stress and reduce anxiety – easily overcome negative thoughts and feelings by coming back to your vision board

🔥 A vision board frames a clear vision for what you want

🔥 Enjoy a positive mindset and build resiliency – you can return to calmness and feeling empowered quicker when faced with challenges

🔥 Join Jutta from the comfort of your home – the relaxed environment helps you to feel comfortable so you can really focus on what’s important to you in your family and home life

🔥 Overcome limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck or doubting what’s possible for you – now’s the time to recognise your thoughts, to see that other feel like you and have overcome limitations too

You deserve to feel empowered about the birth and motherhood that you want!

You are welcome to unleash your creativity in any form! This class is BYO & DIY — Bring Your Own & Do It Yourself from the comfort of your home. You can use paper, pens, markers, paint, crayons and art materials they have around the house. You could also do it digitally – using your favourite online tools like trello, notion, google docs, photoshop or canva.

Please bring at minimum a pen and paper to the event.

The workshop will be live on zoom. If you cannot make the workshop, and even if you are live, you will receive a recording of the session.

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