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October 31 - 05:30 pm

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Hypno - ENGLISH - Weekend, workshops

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Elements of Birth / Jutta Wohlrab

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Weekend HAPPY HYPNOBIRTHING Bootcamp: LIVE ON ZOOM : turn doubt and fears of pain into feeling empowered and excited about giving birth!

This  “Fear into Bliss” PROVEN METHOD gives you an empowering, confident, happy pregnancy journey for your mind, body and baby!

I’ll give you the Empowered Birth ingredients to:

✅ Visualise your ideal birth – get crystal clear on the birth you want to achieve!

✅ Minimise pain – I ONLY share EFFECTIVE, PROVEN methods and YES you can expect a calm, relaxed birth.

✅ Immerse yourself in deep relaxation with more and more ease – even when “taking it easy” is not in your job description.

✅ Stop doubts and fears as soon as they arise and transform them into calmness and confidence – you are already a birthing Wonder Woman – it’s my job to help you believe it!

✅ Connect joyfully with your baby – even if you think you can’t – I’ll show that you can!

✅ Create a strong birth team – once you know your needs for a happy birth, you can communicate to them partner – plus I show you tips and techniques to help your partner become more useful andHelp the two of you to bond during pregnancy. 

Weekend Happy Hypnobirthing Bootcamp Overview: 

A whole weekend live on zoom:

Time in different timezones:

EST (New York): 9am – 11.30 am // PST (California): 12pm – 2.30pm

GMT (London): 5pm – 7.30pm CEST // (Berlin): 6pm -8.30pm


Goodbye fears – hello flawless and fearless! Turn fear into a vehicle for confidence.

Method to Minimise Pain, Maximise Confidence. The evidence-based techniques to minimise pain and the know-how to trust your abilities to give birth.

The Bliss Blueprint. Form a strong, blissful partnership with your body, your baby and even, your partner.

Bringing it all together: Birthing Wonder Woman. Focusing on your unique plan for your ideal birth – feeling blissful, empowered and ready (just like Wonder Woman)! 

Each class includes practical and proven techniques:

✅  a breathing technique 

✅  a relaxation quickie

✅  a guided visualisations

✅  a self hypnosis

✅  practice LIVE with Jutta

✅  get any questions/concerned answered by Jutta

✅  recording available if you miss the class

Let me assure you: you are in safe, knowledge hands: 

Hi! I’m Jutta. I have welcomed over 3,000 babies & consulted over 10,000 women from all over the world. Alongside my professional midwife career, I have been a Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer for 15 years. 

Early in my Midwife career I began observing why some women had a happier, painless birth and some had an incredibly painful and even, complicated birth. I found that Childbirth Education was not offering an integrated approach to using their mind, body and hormones to their birthing advantage. Another vital aspect of my work is involving birthing partners to create positive birth prep habits together. And then, I brought in the “secret sauce” of the birthing world – hypnobirthing. 20 years ago, I began studying, practicing and then studying to become a Trainer of Hypnobirthing and Neuro-Linguistic Programming – combining hypnosis and breathing and visualisations is the key component to reducing pain, releasing fears and feeling a calm, confidence about giving birth. 

I am an international speaker on topics of “Positive Birth Psychology” and “Out of Trauma into Happiness. 

Look back at your birth with Joy!

Client Testimonials:

“And I must say that thanks to all her advice he was the best coach I could have ever asked for. She is exactly what every mother to be needs. I without a doubt would recommend her to every mother to be. Thank you, Jutta, for being so amazing! “- Kira, 1st pregnancy

“Dearest Jutta,I wanted to thank you once again for a wonderful Birth Preparation course this past weekend. I was positive since the beginning of my pregnancy but after attending your course I feel more confident! We are already practicing some of the techniques you taught. I have also already finished reading 40% of your book. As I read it, I can hear you speak it! It’s wonderful! I love how you are so passionate about your work, so involved and want the best for all parents-to Thank you once again! Love & best wishes “- Shweta. 1st preganacy

Booking conditions: Please understand that we will have to charge a cancellation fee of €300 for couples and €150 for single participants. As soon as you have signed up, you will receive a payment link and further information about the course.

Join the Happy Hypnobirthing Bootcamp

– you won’t believe the difference th topic “The bliss” will make in your life beyond birth and even the arrival of your baby!

€150 for single participants, €300 for couples.