Birth preparation “Happy Birthing Days” Sat+Sun (English) (ONLINE/LIVE)

Birth Preparation for a Calm, Confident,
Happy Birthing Days: 2-Day Weekend Workshop (ONLINE/LIVE)

Hi! I’m Jutta, international midwife for 37 years! I have welcomed over 3,000 babies & consulted over 10,000 women as a professional midwife and with this experience and knowledge, I have created Happy Birthing Days: the 3-step Midwife Method (Theory + Body + Mind) for a calm, confident birth.

I teach this course “Happy Birthing Days” in English to pregnant women and their partners on specific Saturdays & Sundays ONLINE (LIVE).

This course is for every pregnant women from as early as 8-13 weeks to the end of your pregnancy. It is created for couples. If you are a single mum, without a partner, please contact me directly on to find the right spot in one of my courses.

What will you learn in the Happy Birthing Days?

❤️ Understand the hormones of pregnancy and birth

❤️ Understand the physiology of labor

❤️ Learn optimal birth positions

❤️ How to decide your birth preferences

❤️ Create and communicate your unique birth plan

❤️ Strengthen your mind-body connection & mom intuition

❤️ Effective Practice effective relaxation techniques

❤️ Release endorphins via breath work

❤️ Learn effective partner exercises

❤️ How to bond effectively with your partner

❤️ What is fear of birthing and how to eliminate it

❤️ How to reduce or eliminate pain

❤️ How to bond with your baby inside you

❤️ Reprogram your mind and body for the most enjoyable childbirth and pregnancy


Women are covered by their insurance, partners pay €169,

(NOTE: couples without a German insurance pay €320. Please contact me, if you have no insurance after you booked your ticket:


Please understand that we will have to charge a cancellation fee of €250 for couples and €120 for single participants.


“And I must say that thanks to all her advice he was the best coach I could have ever asked for. She is exactly what every mother to be needs. I without a doubt would recommend her to every mother to be. Thank you, Jutta, for being so amazing! “

– Kira, 1st pregnancy

“Dearest Jutta, I wanted to thank you once again for a wonderful Birth Preparation course this past weekend. I was positive since the beginning of my pregnancy but after attending your course I feel more confident! We are already practicing some of the techniques you taught. I have also already finished reading 40% of your book. As I read it, I can hear you speak it! It’s wonderful! I love how you are so passionate about your work, so involved and want the best for all parents-to Thank you once again! Love & best wishes “

– Shweta. 1st preganacy

“Hello Jutta, Me and my partner Daniel participated in the October class for happy birthing and thank you so much for all the information, empowerment and inspiration. The course helped us be on the same page and see eye to eye and cherish our birth experience. We changed our hospital from Charite Mitte to Vivantes Fredericshain and had a smooth birth there. We actually found ourselves at a point where they wanted to induce labor before due date and relying on the information and empowerment we got from your course and book, we were able to make our own choice that resulted with our baby deciding when she will arrive. And the breathing exercises were great help too! I gave birth to our daughter Ada 15 days ago. Thank you very much. Have a lovely day!”

– Esin, 1st pregnancy