Thank you for sharing…  here you’ll find letters and testimonials from mothers and fathers who appreciated Jutta’s contribution in the important weeks before, during and after the birth of their children. 

“Hi Jutta, I just wanted to tell you that our baby, Liliana Rae, was born on Sunday. It was a natural and relatively fast birth with no complications. We were so happy to have a good experience after last time. I just wanted to say thank you to you for helping me to deal with the anxiety and fear I felt at the end of my pregnancy. I watched your whole course and practiced my favorite breathing and visualization exercises each day. I really liked how there were many practical, easy-to-use tools so that I could try out different things, then repeat the ones that resonated the most with me.These definitely helped me deal with the fear and worry beforehand and although I was still nervous in the time leading up, once I got to the hospital I was actually relaxed and ready. I think that really helped things go smoothly! I also really appreciated your positive, judgement-free and empowering tone throughout your class – the message to trust myself was an important one for me too.”


“EOB provides a holistic insight to birthing and gives practical advice for labour. Further the course is actually fun! Thank you Jutta for giving pregnant women and their partners confidence.”


“The Happy Birthing Days online course was one of those important things which gave me faith in myself during my pregnacy.
On the one hand I could feel the expertise from Jutta being a midwife and on the other hand and for me much more important I felt the wonderful energy and faith Jutta is giving in every minute of her work to her clients. I had a wonderful birth and Juttas work made me feel much more secure in letting this magical moment flow.
I higly recommend the course to any pregnant woman. It will give you confidence, great strategies, positive feelings around and faith to the upcoming birth. My partner and me loved the course.”

“I first met Jutta in the pregnancy yoga classes. She was a very cheerful and warm person, which was something nice to find on these moments of life.
I then bought her videos on Labor preparation. I can only recommend them! They are full of interesting and useful information and specially full of good Jutta vibes.
She is a tremendous skilled midwife with lots of experience. She shares many different labor stories which helps to understand and not to fear the birth, different techniques to use to prepare yourself for labor and during labor, all seasoned with extreme positiveness (crucial to have a good birth experience).
Thanks Jutta for your time and knowledge!”
Ainhoa Salgueiro

“Thanks to Jutta´s help by doing NLP-one to one-sessions with me, her online program for parents to be and her birthing classes on the weekend I was able to leave a traumatic birth experience (c-section) behind me. Strengthened and optimistic I was able to give birth the second time. The result: A dream birth (waterbirth in my home) which had a healing impact in regards to the first time I gave birth. Thank you, my dear Jutta with all my heart!”


“We attended the Happy Birthing weekend course held by Jutta in Berlin in January 2015. Having read those fear-based texts everywhere in the internet, we were gradually giving up on our vision of wonderful, painless experience that we would like a birth to be. Jutta luckily brought us back on the right track. Speaking with her wisdom backed by years of experience, she very professionally walked us through every topic. The course was greatly supported by authentic video-materials and live practice of positions, relaxations, breathing exercises etc. We could have not imagined it better! It was both inspiring and very practical. Made us feel very comfortable and confident in the topic. The course fulfilled our knowledge collected from friends who have experienced beautiful natural births too. We have immediately recommended it to a couple of best friends expecting a baby too. And meeting Jutta is a great honour by itself. We wish her knowledge and experience spreads the world and make all the parents-to-be conscious, calm and happy.”
Kinga & Stanislaw

“My dearest Jutta,I was very lucky to have been supported by you from the very early stages of my pregnancy. Friends of mine recommended to get in touch with you and I can agree to what they have said to me: Jutta Wohlrab – a huge benefit for mums to be! I suffered migranes in the early stages of pregnancy and later on I started having back aches. Your acupuncture treatments were very effective and calming.
In addition to this you have always had an open ear and came up with constructive solutions and advice when it came to little aches and pains I was facing.
Whenever I felt insecure, you gave me the stability I needed, whenever I have had questions reagarding pregnancy and everthing that comes with it, you were very emphatic and understanding.
I also loved taking part in your pregnancy yoga class, which helped me strengthening the perception of my own body and the ability to rely on my guts feeling. The classes were familiar and you have always had the time to respond to our needs, which was really helpful and gave me a nice feeling. Your positive view towards life shines out into the world which touches me and leads me to always wanting to smile when I am in your company.
My personal opinion ist hat your profession of being a midwife is your passion and I am so greatful that I have had the chance to spend this special time of my life with you!
…a good reason for me and my little Pepe to come and visit your mummy – baby yoga class! Heaps of hugs and lots of love,

Anna & Philipp & Pepe

“Dear Jutta, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful childbirth class we attended. You do your profession with so much love, energy and commitment, it is clear that being a midwife is your calling. We are overly enthusiastic about your expertise and your marvelous treasure trove of experience. We are very impressed by your openness towards new insights (results of research), retaining established customs at the same time and the tireless effort you put in when it comes to giving birth naturally. The fact that you are so down to earth and easy to be with is wonderful. Our baby girl already loves the sound of your voice and listening to your singing.

You gave us as a couple and each of us self-assurance and strength, so we knew we were on the right path. You empowered me to have trust in myself and my body and to have faith in the force and the wisdom of mother nature.”

Martin und Flavia

“Dear Jutta my husband and me were over the moon and so delighted to join and experience you in your/out antenatale childbirth course. As parents to be we all sat facinated in your midwifery practice in berlin and carefully listened to every word you said, each and every advise you gave and any exciting information you gave us all around birth. As two experienced medical doctors we definitely did not expect that we would learn and get to know so many interesting things about this topic, since we are both quite knowledgeable and do have a medical background. The competence and the your passion that you showed during these two days really is exceptional. You personal style, how you explain things in such easy to understand and fun way, the way you transfer knowledge is just amazing. It came to no surprise that some of us sat there mouth wide open and you could practically see and hear the penny drop. I definitly recommend this Childbirth course to all parents that want to understand and learn about the miracle of birth and want to be prepapred in the best way. My husband and me travelled all the way from Cologne to Berlin to see and experience you live. This was worth 100 %. I knew you and your amazing style of teaching from a hormonyoga course I really enjoy your warm, very much alive way of teaching even complictaed things .. you make the look and feel very easy. Every since I am a big fan of yours. Keep on going the world needs more Jutta’s.

ps My little boy has been born and it was the most wonderful life-expererience that I could think of and this is certaily due to your tips, tricks and everything I learned from you .
Thank you Jutta much love”,

Maria, Otto and Phoenix Liam

“I had a great birth. Without Jutta, I don’t think I could have said that. It’s as simple as that. She draws on so much experience and so many disciplines. But above all, it’s her warmth and energy. She really cares and takes care of you. It was her breathing and visualisation techniques that got me to the hospital and helped me through the hardest part of labour.

Her weekly yoga classes were a wonderful window of time to just focus on me and my baby. But it was her one-on-one NLP and hypnosis sessions that really helped me release some of the fears I was carrying with me. The Elements of Birth site was also such a fund of knowledge. I couldn’t go to her antenatal course, and the online classes are something you can always go back to. I learnt so much more about how birth works – how crucial it is to prepare your mind (not just your body), and the incredible power of song and making noises!”


“Elements of Birth helped me getting through a quite difficult time of pregnancy. I spent 6 months mostly lying in bed. especially the mind section with examples to find a way to positive thinking and to overcome fears saved me. i live in a country without an established and supported midwife-system. for women like me, elements of birth is the perfect support and preparation for birthing. it answers a lot of questions and gives you the power to look forward to the birth of your child.”

Margit, Julien, Joséphine

“When I first went to see Jutta I had very fixed ideas on how things would be at the birth of my baby – I was going to have an epidural as soon as I arrived at hospital and a water birth was out of the question. After just a few sessions with Jutta she opened mine and my husbands eyes to birth and the importance of mind of matter. I had all the pain relief I needed at my own finger tips and by taking control of mine and my husbands feelings surrounding the birth, we could encourage a more relaxed and focused birthing experience together.

Jutta has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to birth and babies and I couldn’t recommend her more highly for both her hypnobirthing sessions and her birthing classes. She’s an incredible calming influence – just what is needed when you’re having a baby. We always looked forward to our time with Jutta and our only regret is that we didn’t get in touch with her earlier, so we could have spent more time with her before the birth of our baby.”


“I did the happy birthing Workshop with Jutta. This prepared me very good for birthgiving and answered my questions and calmed my fears. The mix of information and different methods was exzellent and very helpful. The whole Workshop made me trust in the naturallity of pregnancy and birthgiving and in my personal strength. Three days after my baby girl was born, I went for a little walk with her craddled to my chest, this is partly because of the good pregnancy Yoga with Jutta, which kept me fit dringend pregnancy and prepared me for the time after. Thank you, Jutta, for being there and teaching the natural way!”


“Just wanted to thank you again for such an amazing workshop! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I am only a beginner at yoga but Jutta makes the most impossible looking posses possible for anyone! She had such an amazing energy and enthusiasm that it enlivens everyone that is a part of the class!Since the workshop I have been able to easily practise the whole hormone yoga programme and I feel very alive and full of energy. Also it has been only a short time since the workshop, but I already noticed a slight improvement in hair loss. I would highly recommend Jutta’s workshop to any woman really, looking to make changes and bring you into your femininity and your inner power! Thank you Jutta and hope to see you again next year!!”


“Drawing from her extensive experience as a midwife, NLP-practitioner, yoga-teacher and healer, Jutta welcomed our group of women for the 2-day Hormone Yoga therapy workshop at the beautiful Sukha Mukha studio in Bronte. With her warm, funny and engaging personality she not only trained us in the special Hormone Yoga therapy sequence but held space for all of us in our vulnerability as we talked about our reasons to attend this workshop. With a diverse practise of yoga poses, meditation, breath work, chakra work and chanting I felt deeply appreciated and valued in my feminine being. I can wholeheartedly recommend the workshop with Jutta. She is a wonderful teacher, and by the end of this workshop you will walk away with a valuable and fun tool to support your health.”


“I did your HTY workshop in Sydney 10 days ago, I have been practising… I feel great afterward, fairly reenergised… I want to say thank you again for your teaching and to tell you that I think it is wonderful that you are spreading this therapy in the women community, it is great and much needed!”


“I can’t recommend hormone therapy yoga enough! I heard about Jutta’s class when she was visiting Australia in 2013. I thought I would try the class, as I had recently had a miscarriage and wanted to try to get pregnant again. I was a bit nervous about going, as I’m not fit or flexible, but Jutta made the class so fun. She was excellent at explaining all the poses, and made some easy modifications for the more difficult ones. I kept up with the practice at home, and two months later I was pregnant again. I now have a happy little one-year-old. Thank you, Jutta, for your wonderful class!”


“Dear Jutta, I am just writing to say that I LOVE your pregnancy yoga dvd! My partner bought it for me, I am 28 weeks and I am just loving it so much 🙂 Thank you. Warmest wishes” 


“I attended Juttta’s Yoga classes regularly from week 12 to the end of my pregnancy, and highly recommend this class. I have been doing Yoga for many years, and it was very important for me to be able to continue practicing while knowing that all the Asanas are safe for me and for the baby. Jutta’s vast experience as Yoga teacher and widwife gave me this very assurance. Jutta easily bridges the gap between experienced Yogis and beginners, through focusing on birth preparing positions and through attending to the personal needs of each participant. The class taught me to tune in to my body’s – and my baby’s needs and see the changes my body underwent as enriching rather than as limiting my movements. It became a pleasure watching mine and the other bellies grow from week to week. The relaxed atmosphere of the small class and the setting of the aesthetic studio encourages exchange but doesn’t force intimacy. Sharing is welcome but optional. No matter whether you have done Yoga before or which school of yoga you followed – this course is a a real feel good training for all expecting women.”


“I’d like to thank you for birth and yoga classes. I think they helped me a lot to give birth to my child. My daughter was born on January, 4th. Everything was very nice, natural birth in Charite is real 🙂 Less than 10 hours without PDA and a nice healthy girl has came into this world. Thank you once again!”


“I was lucky to have several friends pregnant at the same time as me. They advised me to start searching for a Hebamme as early as possible. Since my husband’s native language is French, mine is Russian, and our German is not so proficient, I needed a Hebamme who would speak fluent English. This is how I found Jutta and her Hebammerie The Elements of Birth. It was a great discovery! She does accupuncture, prenatal yoga and birth preparation classes. We took the class together with my husband when I was 31 weeks pregnant. It was a cozy weekend spent learning what to expect from birth and the German system. We also met nice international couples during the class. I attended yoga up to the 37th week of my pregnancy and felt really light thanks to it. Besides that Jutta did accupuncture for me to deal with swallen ankles. I would strongly recommend The Elements of Birth Hebammerie! Hopefully you will benefit as much as me from this wonderful place, which is also very well located- 3 mins walk from U7 Gneisenauerstr.”


“Hello Jutta, Being a first time mother while being in a new country with a new language was very stressful. I had so many questions and no one to really turn to who I could really explain how I was feeling. During my search for a midwife I came across the Elements of Birth website. After reading a few testimonials I decided to give Jutta a call. That was the best decision that I could have ever made. Jutta was exactly what I needed in every way. Besides having over 30 years of experience and a vast amount of knowledge, she also became a person I could go to to express all my silly concerns and to receive reassurance. She helped me with pelvic pain by showing me great exercises to do as well as acupuncture. I also did a birthing class with her. After attending this class, my once skeptical husband decided to be there with me during the birth of our child. And I must say that thanks to all her advice he was the best coach I could have ever asked for. She is exactly what every mother to be needs. I without a doubt would recommend her to every mother to be. Thank you Jutta for being so amazing! 🙂 Thank you again Jutta!! 🙂 BTW, I also was hoping to talk to you and maybe come see you in regards to breastfeeding problems that I am having. Please let me know if you are available. Thank you!”


“I recently attended Jutta’s Hormone Yoga weekend workshop. I am only a beginner at yoga but I found the instructions to be clear & concise & the yoga postures achievable. Since the course I have been able to easily implement the whole programme at home, following the take home written instructions provided by Jutta. Jutta is a warm, relaxed, knowledgeable & passionate teacher. I highly recommend the course.”


“The relationship a woman develops with her midwife is very special. From reading Jutta’s website I liked the sound of her natural approach, and once I met her, I knew she was the midwife for me. Whatever issues I encountered both while pregnant and once my baby was born, Jutta always had plenty of sound advice to offer. She has a great deal of experience and can offer lots of services you probably can’t find with many other midwives. Jutta always went the extra mile to help us, and she approached everything in a friendly and positive way. My partner and I attended a birth preparation class with Jutta. The practical advice she gave us about breathing and massage techniques, different positions and so forth made me feel prepared and excited rather than scared when I actually went into labour, and helped me immensely. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jutta to anyone looking for a midwife, and will definitely look to her again in the future if I have any more babies.”


“Jutta’s hormone yoga workshop was fantastic! It has been a long time since I have done any yoga, but Jutta makes the most impossible looking poses possible for anyone. And most importantly, is a lot of fun too 🙂 Jutta is a passionate, energetic and nurturing teacher who brings so much joy to the room. She is also very generous in sharing her wisdom and experience. I would recommend her workshops to anyone looking to make changes and have barrels of fun doing it. Thank you so much, Jutta.”


“I really do believe that I have Jutta to thank for helping me to fall pregnant with our beautiful little boy!! I had tried many natural things to help increase my fertility with some definitely helping, but it wasn’t until I did Jutta’s hormone therapy yoga workshop, putting into practice the exercises at least 4 times a week as she said, & had a fertility massage with her that I actually fell pregnant. I’m almost certain that I fell pregnant the night of the massage!! I instantly felt at ease with Juttas down to earth, relaxed & nurturing manner. She has no hesitation in sharing her wealth of experience in the field of fertility, pregnancy & birthing in both the conventional medical sense as a midwife, and also through the use of alternative therapies.  Likewise her passion for this field naturally shines through, giving you hope that your dreams can come true.  I have no hesitation in recommending either of Juttas workshops or a personal treatment. Thankyou so much Jutta.”


“During my pregnancy we went to see Jutta regularly, for a birthing preparation course, yoga classes and acupuncture. She has taught us to have faith in the natural process of birthing and that the body and baby know just what to do. During the course and yoga classes, Jutta was able to support this with practical techniques that showed to be very helpful during labour. Thanks to these relaxation techniques, the labour turned out to be a very positive experience. In the period after the birth of our daughter, Jutta visited us regularly to assist getting comfortable with our new daily routine. Her patient and loving approach, full of humour, helped that we remember our first weeks as a wonderful time.”

Charlotte and Vincent

” I’m getting back in touch after birthing our son Malley, at the RPA Birth Centre, on 14 March. You called by our hospital room a day or two later – which we really appreciated. Adrian and I would really like to thank you for your Natural Birth Intensive Class. While we had undertaken hypno-birthing classes a few weeks prior, we found that your class helped us to focus on the most important elements of natural childbirth. Your class addressed practical aspects of birthing, particularly the physiology of birth and the importance of the breath. You reminded us that birth is about surrendering to the mother’s body – and the baby – and to ‘not think’, but rather, relax the face and body, and breathe. The class also provided helpful insights into the philosophy of birthing at a birth centre reinforcing my sense that we had made the right choice in where to birth our baby. We particularly enjoyed your energy and sense of humour. Your class was fun and wonderfully positive – quite different to many other pre-natal classes. I will never forget the immense joy and incredible sense of strength and empowerment following the natural birth of our baby. I recalled much of your guidance during the birth. Breathing, visualisations and self-confidence – along with the support of my husband and the Birth Centre midwife (Sarah) – all contributed to a wonderful birthing experience. Many thanks.”

Siobhan and Adrian

“Hi Jutta, I couldn’t quite see how to post our testimonial directly to your site. So I’ve sent it here instead and hopefully you can add it to the Testimonials page yourself. The setting for our evening course was comfortable and informal. We laid on the cushions and picked at the nibbles provided. Jutta quickly made us feel at ease with her brief synopsis of a life spent caring for pregnant women and assisting the entries of countless new lives in to our world. Being able to understand what I could do to help my partner while she was in the process of labour was very important to me. Before long we were all grimacing like Maori warriors (experimenting with a range of breathing techniques) having a laugh and learning how to let go at the same time. The best bit for me was the hypnosis at the end. To be reassured by the voice of experience is invaluable. For me it was the combination of Jutta’s real world knowledge and obvious spirituality that I found most generous and ultimately rewarding. We both felt very comfortable in Jutta’s presence and I know my partner felt very supported whenever she called for advice. Thank you Jutta from us both,”

Peter and Maike

“Just had an amazing workshop about hormone yoga… Thank you for being just a loving, kind, funny, skillful and inspiring person… Who had thought that spending a whole weekend on a hormon yoga workshop would be so much fun and so life changing…;-))) thank you so much you wonderful woman… Oh should I say… You “super girl”, who is working “as an angel for Charlie” while “dancing samba with flying hair on a happpy beetle” … Ha ha… To all women out there…: go to this workshop and you will know what I mean… Ha ha… Thanks Juttalein, you are the best.”


“I am still reaping the benefits of feeling like I am in control of my life with this sequence especially when, in their desire to help of course, the  medical alternative is to pop pills- but that only serves to suppress the symptoms and not the cause. What is being  offered here is the opportunity to take back the personal power we all felt as young vibrant women ( speaking for myself here)- I have always felt passionately about this yet after multiple episodes of my boat being rocked with stressful scenarios, it is so easy to forget who steers the boat!! It is easy to get sucked into a vortex of despair and negativity because we still have to keep on ‘giving’ to ourselves and others around us- to stop and  nurture  ourselves is such a gift. And this is what you offer to womankind- so thank you for you dedication and passion for what you do.”


“Jutta has been a wonderful and highly valued support during and following my pregnancy with my second child. I have participated in her yoga sessions and during these hours Jutta has made me feel calm and at peace, managing to make me focus on my body and connect to the growing baby inside me. I very much appreciated both her professionalism and knowledge surrounding pregnancy and birth and her experience in yoga and physical wellbeing. Following the birth of my baby girl Jutta was there from the start, making me feel well cared for and professionally advised in all my “early days” concerns. Despite it being my second child the first weeks following birth are emotionally intense and many questions arise. Jutta was there continuously and reliably. She helped and advised me perfectly, making me feel confident and informed. Jutta’s presence was invaluable and made my experience of giving birth most pleasurable. For this I thank her deeply and support her recommendation fully. Wishing her all the best for her future”.


“Our baby was due in November 2008 and after doing some research on hypnobirthing courses and teachers available in Sydney‚ we found Jutta Wohlrab – and what a find she turned out to be. From the first moment we spoke on the phone‚ Jutta listened. We found at times during the pregnancy and birth that‚ with some specialists‚ we were treated as one of the herd‚ but with Jutta it was different. Jutta approached the teaching in a way that was sensitive to our needs both as a couple and as individuals. In Jutta’s capable hands we felt cared for‚ understood and supported as we prepared for the birth of our child. We approached our baby’s birth day with excitement and happiness‚ thanks in a large part to Jutta. Thank you‚ Jutta”.  

Karen and Gavin

“Jutta’s contact details are written on the first page of the blue book and glued to our fridge. She is our first professional support partner in case of difficulties with our baby boy. My husband and I know Jutta from our antenatal visits at the birth centre. We also were lucky enough to have Jutta’s professional help‚ encouragement and loving support during the first eight hours of giving birth to our son Ferdinand. Empowered by her words and greatly encouraged by her natural methods (such as aromatherapy‚ massage and relaxation) I had the birth experience I wished for. I gave birth to a healthy 4.250g boy, naturally in the water pool with the support of my husband and the midwife without any drugs or gas. Having arrived in Australia only 5 years ago‚ without family and old friends around, the impending birth and first few months are a daunting prospect! In the first six weeks of breastfeeding I battled with blocked ducts and mastitis. Just when my GP prescribed the fourth lot of antibiotics I desperately rang Jutta wondering whether there is a more natural way to manage mastitis than antibiotics. And there was. Two hours after my phone call on New Year′s Day Jutta arrived at our house and assessed my and Ferdinand’s wellbeing. We developed a management plan for breastfeeding and preventing blocked milk ducts‚ I received acupuncture for my current issues and Jutta had a long chat to Lee and a close look at Ferdinand about breastfeeding and baby care. Since then I am breastfeeding without any problems. As a strong believer in natural management of illness and well-being Jutta’s holistic services close a gap in Sydney’s maternity and baby care. I cannot thank her for help and advice enough‚ and don’t hesitate to recommend her to everyone else”.

Kerstin‚ Lee and Ferdi

“Jutta’s baby massage class was a really lovely experience for both me and my baby. He loves his massage time now and I find it really relaxes me as well. Jutta’s instructions are easy to remember and her warm energy puts the babies at ease. I highly recommend learning this valuable skill that can help calm your baby and prepare them for a nice long sleep.”

Rachel and Jetsun

“Jutta created a very relaxing and supportive environment‚ which made the class a real pleasure. We were given lots of useful information as well as the practical skills needed to give massage‚ and there was time to both quietly enjoy connecting with my baby and to ask questions about all aspects of caring for a small baby. My daughter loved every minute‚ and slept like a log after! Thank you Jutta! Jutta gave me exactly what I was looking for in an antenatal program. Because of my schedule I needed something flexible‚ and it was just that. We arranged a time that worked for us and at our home. It was personal‚ interesting and informative. Jutta answered my questions and more‚ she really helped me get ready to birth my baby. I was able to use some of the techniques she taught me during my labour and I had a wonderful‚ smooth natural birth. I would recommend her care to any one of my friends”.


“The session was easy to follow and to the point. The DVDs were helpful visually to prepare myself for what birth would look like. She was always friendly and happy to help‚ and made us feel we could contact her further if we had any questions or concerns. She made the experience up to the birth enjoyable‚ as sometimes as a man you may be unsure of what you are expected to do. She guided me through the experience without fault”.


“From the moment I first walked into the Birthing Centre distressed that I could go no further Jutta’s first words to me were…… ‘breathe in’ and I was hypnotized by her. Suddenly all my fears were gone and I knew that it would happen. No thoughts came into my mind except those that Jutta so positively gave me. At no point did I think of any pain killers. Jutta’s words were intoxicating enough. I truly believe baby Zara came into this life with so much love and beautiful spirit to enrich all who she meets. Jutta played such an important part with the first few precious moments she came out of the safety of my womb into the world. Jutta connected with me. My beautiful loving husband‚ mother and father connected with her and together as a loving group they gave me the strength‚ courage and more importantly the trust and faith that my precious gift of a new life was going to come into this world as nature intended. Jutta, you are a wonderful spiritual human being. To think that before this special day I had only met you once briefly and now I feel so connected……amazing. I would love to think that if the universe and life so wishes for me to have another baby that I be fortunate enough to have Jutta help me deliver the new life”.

Vanessa and Franco

“I wanted to let you know I gave birth to our baby Autumn Zagorski last Thursday. I woke up with period pain which turned into regular but not painful contractions around 1 pm. I just did normal things around the house until they were stronger and 5 mins apart at 5 pm, when I sat down and started reading. They got stronger again at 7 so I went to bed with a heatpack and listened to the hypnobirthing CD over and over and Stef did the massage. I went to the hospital at 1 am and when I got there, Frankie the midwife said I had to start pushing straight away. Autumn was born an hour later. The labour was such a positive experience because I was so relaxed and knew what to do. Thanks, Jutta, for all your help in doing hypnobirthing‚ I’ll definitely recommend you to any pregnant friends I have”.


“Jutta was my midwife for the birth of my first daughter Stella in April 2009. Having met her previously at my hospital appointments‚ I was glad to find that she was on duty during my labour as I knew how experienced and knowledgable she was. Being a first time mother and undertaking a completely natural birth‚ I was relieved to have someone to support me in more than just one way through the birth‚ with a background in hypnobirthing‚ homeopathy and acupuncture‚ she was a tremendous wealth of knowledge. I had a fairly arduous and long second stage labour and Jutta′s encouragement‚ use of numerous birthing techniques and constant support allowed me to adhere to my birth plan which was very important to us. Jutta′s calm demeanor and level-headedness also put my husband more at ease‚ as he didn′t quite know what to expect with it being his first birthing experience. Having had such an amazing birth facilitated by Jutta I am now considering birthing my next baby at home, with Jutta as my midwife‚ of course”.

Daniela Viola

“I did first met Jutta in the pregnancy yoga classes. She was a very cheerful and warm person, which was something nice to find on these moments of life. I did then bought her videos on Labor preparation. I can only recommend them! They are full of interesting and useful information and specially full of good Jutta vibes. She is a tremendous skilled midwife with lots of experience. She shares many different labor stories which helps to understand and not to fear the birth, different techniques to use to prepare yourself for labor and during labor, all seasoned with extreme positiveness (crucial to have a good birth experience). Thanks Jutta for your time and knowledge!”.

Ainhoa Salgueiro

“After just completing the Happy Birthing Days seminar weekend, I found it crucial to write a message of recommendation for all those Mommies (and their partners) out there looking for a compassionate, gentle and informative weekend in preparation for the birth of their babies. I have to be honest, that after the weekend was completed, I was very sad. Sad, not because I didn’t like the course, but sad because it was over. Jutta really takes you into her heart, shares her vast knowledge of birth and life long experiences and sends you on your way feeling more informed and confident in our own abilities and instincts as mothers to be. You would think that after 35 years of being a midwife and after, weekend course after weekend course, that maybe this topic would become dry and boring for her. But in fact, it’s the complete opposite. She ran this weekend as if it was her time and we were her first group of students. She was so full of life and enthusiasm that it was infectious. She made us recognize that birth can and is supposed to be fun. The best day of our lives. She built confidence in us to speak up and gave us the knowledge to know how to have the best birth possible.

Thank you Jutta from the bottom of my heart. Your energy will stay with me not only on the day of my daughter’s birth, but for years to come. What you are doing in life is truly selfless and empowering. We need more people like you.”.

Megan Zakoor

“Thank YOU Jutta! You’re BEYOND amazing and SUPER talented!! I’ve been struggling with a shoulder injury for almost 2 YEARs — physically, emotionally and mentally. I’ve seen countless number doctors, therapists and healers with limited results. And, with ONLY ONE session with you, I’ve had a BREAKTHROUGH, emotionally and mentally. I got CLARITY, EASE and RENEWED ENERGY to FACE this issue and conquer it. And, 3 weeks AFTER our session, I finally found the physical root cause of my injury, and I have a plan to get back my shoulder to 100% in 1-3 months. Thank YOU again!!.”