About Jutta

Jutta Wohlrab is a midwife and yoga teacher with special training in acupuncture, homeopathy and hypnotherapy. She combines her knowledge of the traditional medical approach with a holistic understanding of birth.

Background: Certified as a midwife in Germany in 1986, Jutta has worked in hospitals in Germany, New Zealand and Australia. She supports women with home birthing and helps to facilitate  natural birth, Jutta is also qualified as well to assist in more complicated situations and with high-risk pregnancies.

Skills, Training & Experience: Her training was based on the principles of Frédérick Leboyer in the mid 1980s. Jutta then worked as a midwife in the Martin-Luther-Hospital in Berlin for many years. In the early 1990s she facilitated water births in Berlin, and helped teaching midwife-trainees. In 1992 Jutta established homeopathy clinics for pregnant women at her hospital. In 1994 she then qualified in acupuncture with ‘Pro Medico’, and her acupuncture service for pregnant women was an immediate success. In 2005 Jutta experienced the power of hypnosis when this method helped her to give up smoking, and she began studying this skill herself. In Scarborough (UK) she qualified as hypnotherapist under Wilf Proudfoot. She started combining her HypnoBirthing skills with her natural birthing classes. In 2010 Jutta studied  NLP (Neurolinguistic-programming with Richard Bandler) in Berlin and became an NLP practitioner.

Since the late 1980s Jutta has visited Australia often and after immigrating in 2007 she worked as a midwife in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and independently. She also began to intensify her own yoga practice, became a yoga teacher, and later qualified to teach pregnancy yoga.
In 2010 Jutta studied Hormone Yoga® with Dinah Rodriguez and became a qualified practitioner of this therapy, which helps the changing female body.

Jutta is certain that these various therapies offer wonderful opportunities to support women’s health and a natural birth. She combines her experience and skills to meet her client’s needs, wishes and individual situation.

Classes & Workshops: Jutta runs childbirth education classes, baby massage groups and postnatal ‘Mummy & me’ yoga’ groups for mothers and their babies. She visits women in their homes for antenatal and postnatal care. In her midwife’s yoga classes she teaches yoga for pregnant women. She runs workshops in Hormone Yoga® for women in menopause and for women who are trying to fall pregnant.
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On a personal note: Jutta is passionate about her work and committed to her clients. Check what others experienced, and you’ll find her enthusiasm really comes from the heart. She has explored  Asian cultures and music, loves travelling, colors, painting and a yogic lifestyle and rides her bicycle whenever she can.
Since 2012 Jutta has been holding her classes in Germany and Australia. She speaks English and German.