Mama de Luxe – Premium Services

Do you know the secret to a calm, healthy, relaxed pregnancy?
The right birth preparation with a birthing expert. Would you like a personal pregnancy guide to answer all your pregnancy & birth questions so that you feel calm & informed knowing that you’re making the “right-for-you” decisions?

You are here because you’re pregnant and perhaps experiencing more pregnancy fears and birth anxiety than you expected. I can assure you that is normal and whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy, or if you have previously experienced a traumatic birth, I can help you release your fears and concerns and prepare for your birth with happiness and confidence.

In my 36+ year professional career as a Midwife,  I have helped over 10,000 pregnant women, just like you, to feel confident and supported in preparation for their ideal birth.

For international clients and expat clients, I offer a private online consultation package, along with my comprehensive online course so that you (and your partner if you wish) can meet me online from the comfort of your home. 

During this time together we will:

  • Create your personalised birth plan (even if you plan on having a home birth or a natural birth, we will discuss the arrangements of Plan B)
  • Discuss all the birthing options available to you and any specific questions that you have
  • Answer pregnancy concerns or patterns specific to your pregnancy
  • Give you guidance for any pains you are experiencing
  • Discuss your diet, exercise and nutrition
  • Release pregnancy anxiety and fears through Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques (as I am also a qualified NLP Trainer and Hypnotherpay Coach)
  • Discuss the roles of your birthing team and birthing partner 
  • Plan your ideal birth birth and define the perfect path to this special day
  • And so much more!

Let’s begin to relax and enjoy your pregnancy today. I invite you to book a free introductory consultation call with me so that you can…

  • Feel supported and know that I can help you release troubling thoughts, pregnancy fears and birth anxiety.
  • Start to enjoy your pregnancy knowing that all your questions can answered by a professional midwife of 36+ years.
  • Feel confident and positive excitement in your body
  • Release the fear and anxiety of giving birth
  • Get tips on how you and your birthing partner can become the perfect birthing team.

You can now begin to relax and enjoy your pregnancy today, schedule your session here