Elements of Birth. Your Berlin Midwife Jutta Wohlrab

Elements of Birth's workshops, classes and consultation is now fully functioning online!

I'm going to look after you. Everything you would get from me in a prenatal workshop, consultation or yoga class, you can get via the internet from home!
Contact me at jutta@juttawohlrab.com for what you need.

Meine Hebammen- und Geburtspraxis ist ab sofort mit allen Angeboten online geöffnet.

Schwangeren- und Rückbildungsyoga, Hypnobirthing sowie Geburtsvorbereitungskurse werden online gehalten.
Emaile mir um das richtige Programm für dich zu finden: jutta@juttawohlrab.com

Jutta Wohlrab is a midwife, international speaker, coach & trainer.

Jutta Wohrab's Elements of Birth offers weekend and weekly classes, premium services and professional training in Berlin, Germany. Jutta has over 30 years of professional experience

Jutta speaks, teaches and works internationally. She is based in Berlin.

Thank you Jutta!

I joined her class during my last weeks of pregnancy and I am now back attending her yoga class with my little baby. Jutta‘s positive attitude and her energy are contagious and each time I leave the class I feel great, happy and energetic 🙂 This feeling is important for every mum-to-be to become relaxed without fears regarding her own birth as well as for all young mothers who need strength to cope with their new life.

We need more people like you!

After just completing the Happy Birthing Days seminar weekend, I found it crucial to write a message of recommendation for all those Mommies (and their partners) out there looking for a compassionate, gentle and informative weekend in preparation for the birth of their babies. I have to be honest, that after the weekend was completed, I was very sad. Sad, not because I didn’t like the course, but sad because it was over. Jutta really takes you into her heart, shares her vast knowledge of birth and life long experiences and sends you on your way feeling more informed and confident in our own abilities and instincts as mothers to be. You would think that after 35 years of being a midwife and after, weekend course after weekend course, that maybe this topic would become dry and boring for her. But in fact, it’s the complete opposite. She ran this weekend as if it was her time and we were her first group of students. She built confidence in us to speak up and gave us the knowledge to know how to have the best birth possible. Thank you Jutta from the bottom of my heart. Your energy will stay with me not only on the day of my daughter’s birth, but for years to come. We need more people like you.

Jutta Wohlrab ist Hebamme, Internationale Sprecherin, Coach & Trainerin.

Elements of Birth is Jutta Wohlrabs umfassendes Angebot mit Training, Workshops, Hypnose/NLP und Mama de Luxe, Premium Hebammenangeboten.

Jutta Wohlrab hat über 30 Jahre professionelle Berufserfahrung. Sie arbeitet und präsentiert international – außer in Berlin auch in Australien.


Es lohnt sich!

Liebe Jutta, Ende November ist unsere Tochter unter Wasser geboren. Es war so eine tolle Geburt, genau wie ich sie mir bei dir Jutta bei der 1-zu-1 Sitzungen NLP, bzw der Visualisierung mir gewünscht hatte. Ich habe dir viel zu danken! Dein Buch und vor allem die Videos aus deinem online Programm haben mir viel geholfen. Ich hätte niemals gedacht dass eine Geburt so schön sein kann! An alle Schwangere: ich kann euch nur empfehlen Jutta online Programm zu nutzen und einzelnen Sitzungen wenn ihr Ängste vor Geburt habt! Es lohnt sich! Nun genieße ich Yoga für mummy bei Jutta. Kann ich auch nur empfehlen! Ihre Energie vor allem bei diesem Wetter tut es richtig gut!