Mehr Info kommt bald!

I had a great birth. Without Jutta, I don’t think i could have said that. It’s as simple as that. She draws on so much experience and so many disciplines. But above all, it’s her warmth and energy. She really cares and takes care of you. It was her breathing and visualisation techniques that got me to the hospital and helped me through the hardest part of labour. Her weekly yoga classes were a wonderful window of time to just focus on me and my baby. But it was her one-on-one NLP and hypnosis sessions that really helped me release some of the fears I was carrying with me. The Elements of Birth site was also such a fund of knowledge. I couldn’t go to her antenatal course, and the online classes are something you can always go back to. I learnt so much more about how birth works – how crucial it is to prepare your mind (not just your body), and the incredible power of song and making noises! ~ Abby