Pregnancy Yoga for Yoga Teachers

A course for yoga teachers who’d like to improve or extend their own classes. From a midwife’s perspective participants learn how to assist, relieve and support women during  pregnancy and birth. The basic course takes three days. An intensive seminar can also be given over three 3-day-classes or four weekends.

The training can be adapted to midwives with basic yoga knowledge.

Yoga has been practiced during pregnancy for thousands of years. It can help strengthen a woman’s body during this phase and improve both her well-being and her baby’s. Based on Jutta’s extensive experience as a midwife and yoga teacher Jutta Wohlrab this course is focussed on the special issues and needs of pregnant women, whose bodies change profoundly and continually.

The course

  • teaches exercises for each phase of pregnancy and for birthing
  • deepens knowledge about pregnancy, labour and birth
  • demonstrates practical exercises like strengthening the pelvic floor or optimizing the baby’s position
  • conveys creative ways to invigorate and renew teaching and methods
  • includes Asanas, Pranayama and chanting
  • teaches exercises for women who have practised Asanas previously and those without experience
  • is accompanied by teaching resources and information, beneficial for participants after the seminar

Pregnancy Yoga

  • helps a woman to strengthen the connection to her body and improves both her wellbeing and her baby’s
  • has been proven to help with a natural birth
  • supports women’s breathing and movements from labour to birth and therefore facilitates handling pain and the body’s changes
  • strengthens the woman’s confidence in her own body, supports energy flow and relaxation
  • can also help with relaxation after pregnancy

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