Hypnosis for Midwives and Birth Workers

During birth preparation midwives often see how conflicts disturb women’s joyful expectancy. Fears and negative patterns, phobias or other traumatic experiences bother many pregnant women, getting in the way of relaxed pregnancy and natural birth. Hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) offer amazing opportunities to positively change those situations. These methods support women in reducing their anxiety and psychologic trauma, and resolve negative mindsets.

This 12 day course provides background knowledge, methods and practical exercises in four 2.5 day units. Another option is a one day orientation course on hypnosis (link) and NLP.

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming aims to improve personal development using a variety of communication strategies and language-based methods. One basic idea of NLP is that we all have potential solutions for our own conflicts, but we just can’t see them sometimes. NLP helps us in taking control of our own lives again, by learning new communication strategies, discovering different perspectives and developing individual ways of problem-solving. NLP can lead to a happier, fulfilled life.

What is Hypnosis?

Jutta Wohlrab’s workshop also teaches basic knowledge of hypnosis, a method that gives body and soul an opportunity to switch off on one level, whilst another level of consciousness is extremely ‘switched on’. The person can therefore deeply relax and finds it easier to process new information. Human beings have immense treasures of experiences to help guide our problem-solving and change situations. Unfortunately we often block ourselves with limited vision and not allowing ourselves fresh approaches. Hypnosis can help find these new ways.

Course contents include:

  • basic knowledge of hypnosis
  • fast phobia cure and emotional releases
  • release fears and doubts, strengthening positive mental structures
  • trance induction and deepening, brain gymnastics
  • language of relaxation models


Case Studies

Nina had previously miscarried, and during her second pregnancy was troubled by worries of a repetition. In week 16 she confessed: ‘Every week I go to the hospital emergency to check if my baby is still alive’.  She couldn’t even go to the toilet without searching for traces of blood. After several NLP and hypnosis sessions we were able to reduce her fears to a reasonable level. She even managed to relax and enjoy the remaining weeks of her pregnancy, and gave birth to a healthy boy.

Anita weighed 120kg when we met in her 24th week of pregnancy. Her goal was to not gain more weight, if possible lose some. Ten weeks later, with lots of motivation and fun, we had adjusted her ‘appetite-thermometer’ to a normal level and she even lost 4kg.

 Ellen was so anxious about giving birth that she decided to have a Caesarean. With NLP, hypnosis and more knowledge of birthing, we managed to positively change her ideas and birth image. She learned relaxation techniques, released fears and finally experienced a long but good birth.

 Tania’s baby had to stay in the clinic for observation after birth, which switched on all her alarm bells. Although the baby was released healthy after a few days, Tania worried non-stop. She constantly feared sudden death syndrome and felt compelled to watch the baby all the time. After two sessions we managed to release her fears and regain some normality, allowing her to leave the room for a while when the baby was asleep. What a relief!


Jutta Wohlrab has over 27 years experience as a midwife and has been working with hypnosis since she was trained as a Hypnotist and Master Hypnotherapist in the UK in 2005 (UK guild certificate). Since 2008 she has successfully integrated HypnoBirthing in her work. In 2010 she received the Richard Bandler NLP certificate and 2013 became an NLP practitioner and master (DVNLP certified), integrating the Elman method in her work.

In 2013 Jutta spoke at the German Midwifery Association’s conference about hypnosis in pregnancy. At the International Confederation of Midwives’ Congress 2014 in Prague she’ll deliver a speech about ‘Hypnosis in Childbirth’.

The seminar ‘Hypnosis for Midwives’ begins in May in Berlin. Each course unit can be booked independently.

Jutta Wohlrab’s seminar is geared to the needs of midwives but can easily be adapted to other groups or participants.

Information & booking: info@elementsofbirth.com