Pregnancy Yoga

A woman’s body changes deeply and continually during pregnancy. Yoga can help strengthen the connection to her body and improve both her well-being and her baby’s.


Breathing will move, connect and relax mother and child. Women gain strength and confidence in their birthing body while learning different aspects of their own pregnancy and yoga in each session.

Exercises (asanas), breathing, chanting and meditation, special movements and deep relaxation will support the changes in your body in a simple way. Yoga supports the energy flow and relaxation.

Some positions help to minimize and avoid pregnancy issues like water in the legs or sleeplessness. Yoga helps to reduce or even eliminate stress.

Pregnancy Yoga is adapted to the individual needs and wishes of each pregnant woman. Sessions are applicable for women who have practiced yoga previously and also those with no experience. Some women who’ve always done head stands will keep on doing so during pregnancy. For others pregnancy offers a first experience of yoga techniques. Jutta carefully accompanies them all, making sure that pregnancy yoga helps to prepare joyfully for birth.

Jutta’s classes strengthen and relax body and soul. During practice many women feel the connection to their unborn child intensify. Conscious breathing and the deeply relaxing effects of yoga are an ideal preparation for an easy birth.

I joined her class during my last weeks of pregnancy and I am now back attending her yoga class with my little baby. Jutta‘s positive attitude and her energy are contagious and each time I leave the class I feel great, happy and energetic 🙂 This feeling is important for every mum-to-be to become relaxed without fears regarding her own birth as well as for all young mothers who need strength to cope with their new life. Thank you Jutta!