Happy Birthing Days

Does birth really have to be like a Hollywood drama? Pizza and parcels should be delivered but babies should be born.Happy-Birthing-Days-Jacket-webIf you want to funk up your knowledge around pregnancy and birth, learn the Hows and Whats and How Bests from expert, Jutta Wohlrab:

  • What you can do when your fight and flight reflex is triggered and you need to get back into the bath.
  • Why knee to hip is not a rap dance but a method to help your baby be born.
  • How to release unwanted fears and doubts from your mind and why this helps throughout your pregnancy and birth.

Happy Birthing Days is a 3-step method that has helped hundreds of women and couples to have more choice and a better birthing experience on their big day. Creating positive feelings and listening to positive birth stories alongside practical tips for body and mind are some of the ways all pregnant women can prepare themselves in a positive way. Jutta shares the best of her knowledge and experience from over 30 years of midwifery in all circumstances, and combines this with her deep knowledge of NLP, hypnosis and yoga to:

  • give you more confidence in your body and your skills
  • teach you Birth Breathing for deep relaxation and a better birth.
  • offer effective hands-on tips and tricks for birth partners
  • create more choice for you, your partner and your baby

Birth is a global matter and everyone deserves the best start into life.

EOB_Book_Widget_bookonlyHAPPY BIRTHING DAYS is out NOW, and can be ordered via Amazon. CLICK HERE to get your copy!