Birthing Classes

19354849_xxl_webNatural Childbirth Education Classes with Jutta Wohlrab are intensive, hands-on and on-your-knees…. we talk and practice at the same time. You’ll be learning for a minimum of 3 hours or as long as you like. There’s a lot of practical information about how to create a good environment for birthing. You and your birthing partner get helpful tools for massage and breathing, relaxation techniques and birth positions. And you can ask any questions about how, why, what and where … anything to achieve your goal of an easy natural birth in a pleasant environment.
We talk about pregnancy and the development steps of your child. About how to deal with unpleasant symptoms like sickness or back pain, water in your legs or lack of sleep. Above all we’ll talk about exactly what happens during the birth process. We’ll address your fears and find out how to deal with them.
Jutta has an amazing ‘toolbox’ of experience, knowledge and a range of holistic methods. She shows you how to relax and how to breathe, helps you find the best positions; and practices them with you until you are comfortable and confident.
The class is supported by DVDs and Jutta’s special tips. She has over 25 years of birthing experience in the privacy of home and in hospitals.