image2Jutta Wohlrab’s special acupuncture training qualifies her for treating pregnant women.
Many problems occuring during pregnancy can be solved with acupuncture, for example:

  • sickness, especially in the early pregnancy weeks
  • swollen legs and oedema
  • sleeplessness
  • back pain

Even for turning the baby to the right position acupuncture has proven to be a great method. The therapy can help as well to induce birth when the birth date has passed. A study has shown that pre-birth acupuncture can reduce the birthing time by up to two hours. Generally women who are treated with acupuncture need less intervention during birth.

In the postpartum period acupuncture often helps with breast-feeding issues. The therapy can have a regulating effect for mothers with too much or too little milk. Acupuncture can support the inversion of the uterus and be useful in combination with a session on nutrition.

Jutta Wohlrab also offers acupressure-workshops for couples.