International Events


  • February
    Talk: Hypnosis in pregnancy
    Annual Conference of UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners
  • March/April
    Book Launch: “Happy Birthing Days, Secrets out of a Midwife’s Bag – How to achieve a Joyful, Safe and Happy Birth.
    UK, Australia and Germany
  • March
    Workshops: Glückliche Geburtstage (Happy Birthing Days), Mother Child Yoga
    5. Soester Hebammen Seminarkongress
  • July
    vorraussichtlich Yoga Festival, Berlin
  • April / May / June
    Hormone Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Sydney
  • September
    Additional workshop: Yoga in pregnancy
    Yoga Festival Dresden


  • January
    Winner of the KPI Pitch Competition, London UK
  • March
    2 day Workshop: Midwife Training – Hypnosis and NLP
    invited by the Midwife Association Norway, Stavanger
  • March
    Workshop: Yoga in pregnancy
    4. Soester Hebammen Seminarkongress
  • July
    Talk: “Von der Kriegerin zur Schwangeren Göttin” ( from the amazone to the pregnant goddess) – Yoga in pregnancy
    2. Süddeutscher Hebammen-Tag
  • July
    Workshop: Mother Child Yoga
    Yoga Festival, Berlin
  • October
    Hormon Yoga Workshops
    Huskisson and Sydney (Australia)


  • February
    Workshops: Hormon Yoga Workshops, Fertility Massage
    Huskinsson (Australia)
  • June
    Talk: Hypnosis in pregnancy, “How to Let Go More Easily”
    International Midwife Conference Prag (ICM), Tschechien
  • July
    Workshop: Glücklicher Atem, Glückliche Schwangerschaft (Happy breathing, happy pregnancy)
    Yoga Festival, Berlin
  • October
    Workshops: Hypnosis, Daily Yoga, Hormonyoga
    Playa Camp, Spanien


  • May
    Talk: “Nutzt Hypnose in der Schwangerschaft wirklich? und Mantras, Mudras, Asanas – Yoga in der Schwangerschaft von der Amazone zur Schwangeren Göttin” (Does hypnosis has an use in pregnancy? about Mantras, Mudras and Asanas – Yoga in pregnancy, from the Amazone to the pregnant goddess)
    XIII Deutscher Hebammenkongress, Nürnberg
  • July
    Workshop: Yoga in pregnancy, one kind of preparation for birth
    Yoga Festival, Berlin
  • October
    Training for Yoga Teachers – Yoga in pregnancy
  • November
    Workshops: Hormon Yoga Workshops, Fertility Massage
    Blue Mountains and Sydney (Australia)