In Ancient Greek hypnosis means “sleep”, and as a “healing sleep” it can help us achieve what we can’t in our normal state of awakeness. One principle of hypnosis reads: “The greatest power lies in ourselves”.

Jutta Wohlrab experienced the power of hypnosis for the first time in England and the therapy later helped her to give up smoking. Today she knows that the method can support and enrichen us in many other ways. Hypnosis is like a journey to our own centre. It moves us into a stage of “trance well-being”, where our senses are sharpened and we’re not asleep at all, but instead extremely awake and conscious. Hypnosis and self-suggestion offer a tool to live the way we really want.

What happens during Hypnosis?
Hypnosis gives body and soul an opportunity to switch off on one level, whilst another level of consciousness is extremely “switched on”. The person can therefore deeply relax. In this trance the body and sub-conscious find it easier to process new information. During Hypnosis we can re-organise our inner archive of pictures. Human beings have immense treasures of experiences to help guide our problem-solving and change situations. Unfortunately we often block ourselves with limited vision and not allowing ourselves fresh approaches. Hypnosis can help find these new ways.

How can Hypnosis be helpful?

Jutta’s experience shows that hypnosis can help in various ways:
– to find more self-determination
– to empower self-confidence
– in developing new strategies
– to finally quit smoking
– in breaking the circle whilst fighting against weight
– whilst searching new resources
– in working on solutions
– to dissolve anxieties and phobias
– to overcome limitations that our mind created

 Hypnosis – 3 frequent questions & answers

Can I be forced to do something in hypnosis?
–  No, nobody can be forced in trance to do something they don’t want to do. The sub-conscious is always stronger and helps to stick with one’s moral and ethics.

Can everyone be hypnotised?
– Yes, trance is similar to day dreams, a slightly hypnotised state of mind we all know.

Is it possible that I won’t wake up from Hypnosis?
– No, even if Jutta can’t wake you, you’ll glide into a light sleep and wake up by yourself.

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