HypnoBirthing® was developed 20 years ago by the American hypnotherapist Marie Mongan for women and their partners. It is a fantastic way to learn how to overcome your fears about birthing, and learn to use deep relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis. You’ll train to stay calm, connected and in tune with your birthing body and your baby. Once fear is eliminated from a birthing room, the birth can unfold with its own natural power and beauty.

In a course of twelve hour-long classes you and your birthing partner will prepare for the calm and peaceful birth you deserve. The course includes a book, CD and handouts. Email us for upcoming classes or check under Courses & News. Individual training in your home is also available.

For women without a partner Jutta offers birth hypnosis courses.


“Thanks to Jutta´s help by doing NLP-one to one-sessions with me, her online program for parents to be and her birthing classes on the weekend I was able to leave a traumatic birth experience (c-section) behind me. Strenghthened and optimistic I was able to give birth the second time. The result: A dream birth (waterbirth in my home) which had a healing impact in regards to the first time I gave birth. Thank you, my dear Jutta with all my heart!!”

Hanna Berlin