Hormone Yoga

Current Hormone Yoga classes in NSW, Australia

Two groups of women will especially benefit from Hormone Yoga®: women in menopause and those trying to conceive. Jutta studied Hormone Yoga in 2010 with Dinah Rodriguez, who invented this therapy in 1993 and has been teaching it successfully worldwide.

Dinah is now 85 years old and her work motivated Jutta to become a practitioner and qualified teacher of this therapy herself – inspired by how it can help and support the changing female body and soul.

Who can practice Hormone Yoga?

Hormone Yoga is suitable for women of all ages, with or without yoga experience, and consists of a series of 20 exercises plus 13 different positions focussing on breathing, relaxation and stress reduction. They are a wonderful way to work with horomonal imbalances and help to bring back energy, joy and wellbeing.

Women in menopause

Menopause is a period of big physical and sometimes psychological changes. Strong variations of hormone levels, especially the decrease of estrogen, begin to influence women’s bodes. Hot flushes or dry mucus, tiredness, anguish, depression, hair loss, dry skin and decreased libido can be symptoms of this time in a woman’s life. Hormone Yoga offers a natural treatment with special exercises to reactivate hormone production, and thus eliminate most symptoms of menopause.

Women trying to conceive

Hormones determine how women feel through most of their lives. In teenagers they accentuate emotions; in adolescents additional hormones can be used to not fall pregnant; and later some women take other hormones to achieve the opposite. Dinah Rodriguez’s therapy can help to balance hormone levels whilst stimulating them at the same time.

How does it work?

Hormonal yoga therapy is a natural treatment without medication, but with specific exercises reactivating hormone production. Since it’s a holistic treatment, it also brings vitality, health and a positive attitude. The exercises mainly work with individual pranic energy, in activating and sending it to several parts of the body. With energetic exercises of dynamic yoga, specific pranayamas and Tibetan energy techniques the therapy acts directly on the hypophysis, thyroid, ovaries and adrenal glands. Dinah selected these techniques to get quick results because women suffering unpleasant symptoms don’t want to wait too long to get better.

The sequence of Asanas women learn in Jutta’s Hormone Yoga workshops can later easily be practiced at home. They only take about 30 minutes and fit into the busiest lifestyle. Moreover they add joy and wellbeing to everyday life. Jutta noticed that women feel the positive results of Hormone Yoga already after regularly practicing the 30 minute routine for about a month.

For class times check Workshops & News or contact Jutta Wohlrab to ask for upcoming courses.

Drawing from her extensive experience as a midwife, NLP-practitioner, yoga-teacher and healer, Jutta welcomed our group of women for the 2-day Hormone Yoga therapy workshop at the beautiful Sukha Mukha studio in Bronte. With her warm, funny and engaging personality she not only trained us in the special Hormone Yoga therapy sequence but held space for all of us in our vulnerability as we talked about our reasons to attend this workshop. With a diverse practise of yoga poses, meditation, breath work, chakra work and chanting I felt deeply appreciated and valued in my feminine being.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the workshop with Jutta. She is a wonderful teacher, and by the end of this workshop you will walk away with a valuable and fun tool to support your health.
Ulrike Celik

I attended the Yoga Hormone workshop that Jutta ran in Sydney and I can highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in the subject. I have some major issues with my endocrine system and I walked away from this course feeling inspired, motivated and full of hope. And I feel equipped with some very practical tools to create change and healing in my body now! Jutta is a fountain of knowledge, a great educator and a big-hearted, free spirit that reaches deep into the many crevices of her life experience to make this course an enjoyable and fun experience.! We need more people like Jutta in this world!!

Jutta’s Hormone Therapy workshop was such a wonderful weekend. I am 27 years old and thought hormones were only important if you were trying to get pregnant, or if you were going through menopause! But this workshop is really relevant for all women. I had thyroid issues, a stressful job and often felt tired, and after Jutta’s workshop I realised many of my issues related to hormones and could be improved through her yoga sequence. She has so much knowledge about many symptoms and after a month of practicing her sequence, I am confident it will really help me.

Renee Jones