Fertility massage

Fertiliti massage imageThis massage is a natural, holistic way to conceive and follows principles of naturopathy. It strengthens the reproductive organs, activates self-healing and assists in developing a better connection to your own body. The therapy was developed by London-based obstetrician and fertility expert, Dr Gowri Motha. In Germany the massage was made popular by healer Birgit Zart who said: “Serenity starts in your belly”.

Jutta offers fertility massages in six sessions using reflexology, stimulating the meridians of back and belly and generally activating the self-healing powers of the body. The massages help to balance the hormones, improve general well-being and reduce stomach and menstrual pains. During the massages Jutta targets Fallopian tubes and uterus which can help to loosen blockages. Positive side-effects of the fertility massages are in detoxing.

Jutta has found that fertility massages work especially well in combination with Hypnosis and Hormone-Yoga, therapies she offers as well.

Hormone Yoga

This special form of yoga practice helps many women who’d like to conceive. Its directed toward hormonal imbalances whilst at the same time harmonising and stimulating the body’s natural hormones. Hormone Yoga is suitable for women with and without previous yoga experience.

– Hormone Yoga