We all work together, links to partners and affiliatesSydney & Australia

Jivamukti Yoga Sydney (former Samadhi Yoga) – I used to teach here and did my yoga teacher training with Katie Spiers, Jivamukti’s lovely director

Homebirth Access Sydney – A great source of information about home birth in Australia

Background & Training

HypnoBirthing® – Everything about the Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing

Dinah Rodriguez – my wonderful teacher who introduced me to Hormone Yoga, the therapy she created

Pro Medico – my second school of acupuncture

Wilf Proudfoot – a good resume of my dear hypnosis teacher

Die Fruchtbarkeitsmassage – Birgit Zart’s wonderful Fertility Massage, improves your joy of life, as well contact for “Die Fruchtbarkeitsmassage” in Berlin

A short introduction to the child birth method of Frederick Leboyer. I was trained in the Leboyer method as a midwife:

Berlin & Germany

Yogafestival Berlin – I love it and look forward to it every year. Very happy to be teaching there this year

Arkuna is a research and teaching centre for women in Stuttgart. The wise woman’s way – learn and enjoy!

Sabine Wilhelm – a great osteopath in Berlin, especially talented with babies

Sylvia Dieckmann – a great osteopath in Berlin, especially qualified for pregnant women

Yogazentrum in Berlin a great Yogaschool in Berlin where I’ll be teaching when in Germany

Shakti Yogaloft – beautiful yoga studio in Berlin Kreuzberg, where I’m going to teach pregnancy yoga

Praxis Vivre – midwife-team in Berlin Kreuzberg. At Vivre I teach pregnancy yoga and give a variety of classes

Hebammen-Liste – Find a midwife in Berlin at

Hebammenverband Berlin – the professional association of midwives in Berlin with lots of informations for parents and midwives:

Fun, Shops & Friends

Agentur b61 – Angela Brix’s fantastic clothes and accessories. She’s a friend and her fashion is great during and after pregnancy as well. We love it!

Bella Casa – a friend’s beautiful online-shop for exotic homeware and textiles. Have a look!

Bella Donna – online shop for natural cosmetics and baby products.

Web & Words

Bettina Kaiser Art & Design – web design with style, passion, perfection and patience

Julica Jungehülsing – writer, journalist, author, webtexter in Australia, writing in German and English