Child Birth Education Class (English)

Workshop: Birth Intensive
Covering the Basics
A summary of the most important techniques that you and your partner need for a good birth.

Happy Birth is a birth essential course. It is for pregnant women with or without partners, and is designed for really busy couples, and all that need a little hands on additional information.

We learn many things about birth:

  • How does birth work: the brain, the body, the uterus, the hormones
  • What is oxytocin?
  • How to set the scene to have a successful birth in all kinds of circumstances
  • What does the baby do ?
  • How can support people really support
  • What do all those things mean?
  • Choices: Learn about natural birth, land or water

We enjoy ourselves while practicing massage, breath work and birth positions and deep relaxation.

All your questions will be answered and we gain a deep understanding of what birth really means and how useful those techniques are even  weeks after you baby is born.

The class will be supported by movies and the knowledge of 30 years birthing in all circumstances from hospital to home birth.

For any questions  and bookings  call Jutta: 0176 7030 0307

Date & Time:
19th & 20th November, 2016

Praxis Vivre
Solmstraße 12, Kreuzberg

Partners pay €130, women are covered by their insurance.
couples without a German insurance pay € 200 together

Bookings are essential – call  0176 7030 0307 or email